Winter Wedding Fun

Embrace the weather and you can have gorgeous photographs during your winter wedding celebration.

Be fearless in the snow and don’t fret the dress. Yes, your gown may get a little wet and dirty, but this is no different than dirt and grass stains during the other seasons. You don’t have to wade out into knee-deep snow to get great photos, though that could be fun for the more daring. Shoveled sidewalks, alcoves and streets lend themselves to great staging areas for you and your love while framing you with a winter wonderland background.

Seasonal apparel will make your photos fun. Muffs, Uggs, snow boots, scarves and capes are just a few ideas of apparel that can keep you snug and warm. Deck the wedding party out in winter clothing and get outside for some memorable photos that will set your wedding apart from the photos of summer. Have fun with your bridesmaids showing off those colorful and sparkling Uggs, warm shawls and fluffy muffs.

At James A. Stepp Photography, our clients have fun no matter what the season!

Happy Holidays!
(Guest post and photos by James A. Stepp Photography)

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