Rehearsal Dinner Questions

The rehearsal dinner is an often overlooked part of the whole wedding planning process. To be honest you can make it as involved or low key as you would like. Here are a few common questions answered.

Should you have one, why?

Probably. Traditionally the rehearsal dinner is held the night before the wedding for the bridal party and close family to meet and mingle. It is a fun time to be together after you do your wedding run down at the ceremony venue.

Who pays?

Once again if you go by tradition that would be the groom’s family that hosts and pays. Although, as always it is up to the couple.

Who should we invite?

Your immediate family, bridal party plus their significant others. If you have a few out of town relatives you can invite them as well. You can send our invites or simply call up each guest.

What happens at the dinner?

After you eat, both of you can thank everyone for being there. Guests may want to do a toast that night to you both as opposed to in front of everyone at the reception. Let people know any details about tomorrow. For instance I had already sent out the wedding days itinerary to everyone who needed to know the full schedule.

Where do we have it?

Anywhere! You can have it catered in your own home, home cooked by your mother in law, at a favorite restaurant with a reserved room.

This is a great night before the wedding with the people that mean the most to you!

Photo by Katie Lindgren Photography