Bridal Gown Trend Lace

Lace wedding dresses are romantic, timeless and elegant. Lace works with any theme and can be worn any time of year. Photos by Katie Lindgren Photography

Rehearsal Dinner Questions

The rehearsal dinner is an often overlooked part of the whole wedding planning process. To be honest you can make it as involved or low key as you would like. Here are a few common questions answered. Should you have one, why? Probably. Traditionally the rehearsal dinner is held the night before the wedding for […]

Look Back At 2016 Wedding Stats

Some fun findings from the year’s report include: o   Average number of wedding guests 124 o   Average spend on engagement ring $5,000 o   Average wedding/ceremony reception cost $28,000 Online resources used for planning: o   66% use a online checklist o   65% access Facebook or Pinterest at least weekly for planning o   50% of planning is […]

2017 Wedding Trends

2017’s Biggest Wedding Trends! Tiered Cakes The cake is back. Less emphasis on pies, cupcakes and doughnuts. The star of the dessert table is the tiered wedding cake. Big Bouquets Beautiful flower and greenery filled bouquets. Cascading bouquets are also more popular. Greenery Natural elements and greenery will continue to be on trend. Decorate with […]

Shimmery Winter Wedding

This Des Moines bride was married on a freezing cold winter day. The bride wore the same necklace her mother and grandmother wore on their wedding days. The couple is from Minneapolis and brought back the wedding cake from their favorite bakery! Photos by Katie Lindgren Photography