Pink, Gold & Navy Wedding

Love a pink and gold wedding color palette and this Des Moines wedding doesn’t disappoint with a bit of navy layered in. Photos by: James A Stepp Photography

2016 Wedding Trends

2016’s Biggest Wedding Trends! Metallics Metallic color palettes with or without some extra sparkle are popping up more in weddings. Rose gold and copper are expected to be two of the most requested shades for 2016. Metallics are versatile as they can be natural or elegant, such as rustic copper lanterns or sparkly table runners […]

2015 Wedding Stats

A couple interesting 2015 Wedding Stats have just been released. I thought it would be fun to share, as you can see how closely your engagement and wedding stack up! Some fun findings from the year’s report include: Average number of wedding guests: 120 Average spend on engagement ring: $4,758 Average wedding ceremony/reception cost: $28,958 or $250 per guest Average spend on honeymoon: $3,882 […]

My Bridal Emergency Kit

I made sure to pack an emergency kit for my wedding day, as well as, everything I could for the honeymoon as our flight left at 8am the next day. I fully recommend you pack one too.    Eye drops tissues chap-stick lipstick q tips dental floss toothbrush mouthwash lotion blotting sheets hand sanitizer band aids hair spray brush tide pen dryer sheets lint roller […]

Week Before Wedding

The week before your wedding there are so many big and little items running through your head. Items that you may have never actually thought about before! I simply had to tell myself as long as my fiance, our family, the minister, and the marriage license are at the church; the rest really doesn’t matter. For those that like […]

Wedding Traditions I Am Skipping

There are a number of expected wedding traditions, but this is your day and you can skip or expand on any tradition you choose. Our ceremony will be meaningful and relatively short, followed by a low key reception. Here are six common wedding traditions we plan on skipping! Big Bridal Party – We don’t feel the need to have […]

Wedding Day Do Over

7 Des Moines brides reveal what they would do differently if they had their wedding day to do over! Crystal I wish we had just done a evening dessert reception. The mid-afternoon ceremony made me feel way too rushed in the morning. I would also only invite life long friends, not so many people. Lastly, relax and […]

2015 Wedding Trends

DÉCOR Texture Fabrics: Think of fabrics like tulle, lace, and other textured fabrics. Burlap will remain popular, as will vintage looking fabrics. This textured look of ruffles can move from décor and tables to the cakes frosting. FLOWERS Suspended Flowers:  You will see garlands and moss draping across reception venue ceilings. Also, if there is […]

Sentimental Wedding Ideas

Here are 12 loving ways to make not only your photos more sentimental, but make family and guests feel important. 1. Re-create a favorite photo from both your parents’ wedding. 2. Exchange love letters in a location where the photographer can capture both of your reactions to reading. 3. Have your photographer take a shot […]

Skip These Wedding Expenses

At times it is hard not to want to make every single detail of your wedding perfect. You must keep in mind there are many items that guests will not really notice or remember afterwards. Here a few items to skip or cut back on for your future nuptials. Favors People already have a lot […]