Father Of The Bride Role

Father Daughter DanceWhen you are the Father of the bride you are giving your little girl away to another man, so they can be each other’s support for the rest of their lives. This is an emotional and wonderful time. Your biggest role is support, but there are a number of other responsibilities you can choose to take on.

How the Father of the bride can be more involved in his daughter’s special day:

If your Daughter is having a church ceremony traditionally the father of the bride escorts his daughter down the aisle before handing her to the groom.

Be the host. The bride’s parents are often the hosts of the wedding reception. In a receiving line Mom and Dad are usually the first two people to greet guests. During the reception you can mingle and thank everyone for attending.

Do everything the Bride and Mother of the bride don’t have time for.

Prepare for the very special toast many fathers choose to give the bride and groom at the reception. Write a few key points on a note card.

Most important of all, know that you’re there to support and love your daughter and her new spouse, whatever that means for you. Enjoy the day, don’t worry and tell your daughter how beautiful she looks!


Photo by Katie Lindgren Photography