Delaying Your Honeymoon

honeymoonYou could get so wrapped up in all the wedding details that the honeymoon plans take a backseat. There is also the budget to keep in mind when rings, wedding day and travel expenses start to add up. On the flip side waiting too long could make you both change your mind due to the extra expense. It may be a good idea to start a separate honeymoon fund, so that a trip is guaranteed. You must also decide as a couple if delaying the honeymoon will  lessen the excitement of the event.

There are a number of reasons some couples are choosing to delay a honeymoon and there is really no right or wrong time; so do what is best for you and your hubby to be.

These are just a few reasons couples delay their honeymoon:

Can’t take that much time off from work

Need more time to save up

Prefer to relax at home and get some post wedding musts done

Already having a destination wedding

Want to spend more time with family & friends visiting for the wedding

Too tired from wedding planning

Something else exciting to look forward to

Wedding is during peak travel season, and rates are much higher than in other seasons

If you decide to delay your honeymoon there is no reason you still can’t spend a long weekend somewhere to soak up the local hot spots, cuisine and relax at a nice hotel. Happy honeymooning!

Photo by Katie Lindgren Photography