Personal Touches

 Guest Post: I’m Samantha, the blogger behind The Brunette One, where I write about the latest trends, styling tips & tricks, and personal style inspiration. My fiancé and I got engaged in December and are planning a May 2014 wedding in Iowa. 

Since getting engaged, my fiancé and I have gotten a lot of major things crossed off our list for the wedding {ceremony location, reception venue, photographer to name a few}, so now it’s on to the personal details and touches {and eventually decor, florals, and cake testing}. Things that remind your guests what brought you and your future hubby together or represents you each of you as a couple. I plan on incorporating a few of these things on our special day. What personal touches did you add to your wedding day?

I’m a Starbucks addict, I can’t wait to grab these shots the morning of the wedding.


So when people page through your wedding album they know who everyone is!


I’m addicted to popcorn as well and we love movies, so I’m all about sharing our love with  the guests.


Because it would be too funny not put up at the reception.

A sweet thank you note.


For the restrooms at the reception…not embarrassing in the least.