Let Them Eat Cupcakes

Creme Cupcake Tower - Crème CupcakeMany Des Moines engaged couples are opting for a number of smaller unique treats rather than a single flavored cake of years past.

Christina Moffatt, owner of Crème Cupcake, has seen an increase in people choosing cupcakes over traditional cakes. “Many venues actually prefer cupcakes, since they are less messy. They are also a less expensive choice, with no cutting fee or need for a plate and fork, saving around $2 per person.” The most popular flavors for Crème Cupcake are white, red, yellow and chocolate cake. Cupcake towers usually have four tiers with one flavor for each tier. According to Christina it is best to keep the flavors to four possibilities, so the number of choices does not overwhelm the guests. When it comes to number of cupcakes to order, “I recommend 1 per person, it’s better to run out then to have many left over. If you offer mini cupcakes, I would recommend 1.5 per person. There will be some that take two and some that will have none.”

According to Christina ordering your reception dessert ranks right up there with selecting ceremony and reception sites. “The sooner the better since we book rather quickly and once we book two events in one day, we are done. People tend to book six or more months ahead,” she said. This is in order to have enough time for delivery and set up at the event. Crème Cupcake will either deliver the dessert to the caterers to set up or Crème Cupcake will do the set up themselves. They only charge $50 for delivery and set up; which can take 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the display.

Crème CupcakeIf cupcakes or cakes aren’t your thing, you’re in luck since “Non-cakes such as mini desserts, cake balls, cake petit fours, pie bites, fruit tarts and mousse shots are very popular. Cake petit fours are bite-sized cakes with 3 layers of cake and 3 layers of mousse. There are many couples opting for a mini dessert bar with four different options. When people choose this I suggest one of each per person.” This is a fun way for every guest to get a little sample of exactly what they like.

No longer do you need to worry about matching your cake or desserts to the wedding colors. “Couples aren’t being as matchy as they used to. If you want to match a color, it’s best to bring a ribbon, flower or something to put around the cake instead of coloring the frosting. This way the guests don’t leave with a navy blue mouth!”

As with the rest of your wedding, traditional rules no longer apply. Feel free to mix it up with a dessert bar or a cake stand filed with your favorite cupcake flavors. If you still long for a three to five tiered cake, this choice will always make a wonderfully bold and delicious statement.

DSMbride interviewed Christina Moffatt of Crème Cupcake

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